Overcoming a Prejudice

I was recently given a class assignment that would change the way I viewed a lot of things. The assignment was to pick a prejudice I had and face it head on. I was to come up with a step-by-step action plan to face my prejudice and then follow my action plan to hopefully rid my thoughts of this prejudice. After some reflection on a prejudice, I finally had one in mind. I thought African-American males, ages 18 to 24, were lazy and unmotivated at school and work.

After completely the first step of my action which was to personally reflect and interview my family on where this prejudice, I was at a loss. My family didn’t hold this prejudice to be true, I didn’t know where I learned this prejudice. It wasn’t until I started to journal my negative thoughts and where they came from, another step in my action plan, I finally realized.  My prejudice spurred from my coworkers. There are four African-American male supervisors on staff with me, and a numerous amount that officiate for us. My negative thoughts came from my coworkers unwillingness to help out the others on staff. They were the first ones to give up shifts and last to pick up shifts. They were first to pass on problems so they didn’t have to deal with them and last to step up and help if a coworker was sinking.

 I work five days a week with at least one of these coworkers, that amount of exposure wouldn’t help me overcome my prejudice. After realizing that without making another action plan to use at work I wouldn’t unlearn my bias, I sat down and came up with another plan. My first step is to take a few deep breaths and recollect myself, I know that with my coworkers quick tempers I will need to remain calm. The second step is to evaluate the situation and see what needs to be done. Next, I will delegate to them specific tasks they need to do to help resolve whatever the issue is at work, I will take the other half of the tasks that need to get done. I hope that by breaking up the work and helping them complete it I will be able to reduce my negative thoughts and gain the respect of my coworkers when they seeing me calmly helping them in situations. I’m also hoping that as head supervisor, others will follow my example and start stepping up more to help out others on staff.

After implementing this new plan, I have slowly started to see a change at work. The few coworkers are a lot warmer and accepting of me now. They come to me often for help because they know I am willing to them in whatever way I can. I still have some way to go but I hope that by keeping to this plan I will be able to overcome my prejudice.


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USF Social Media Interview Project

Social Media

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Social Media Monitoring Project

My group’s evaluation of Reebok’s Easytone products through social media.


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Hello BlogWorld

Hello BlogWorld,

I was told to make a blog for class because we post our assignments on here. I decided to go one step further and actually give blogging a try! I am accepting bets now for how long this lasts. I’m new to this so I’m not sure what I am suppose to blog about. Most likely my blogs will end up being about one of five things.

1) My nephew. The kid is on a downward spiral of destruction and it consumes not only my life but my whole families life. Except his mother of course, she is too busy meeting her “soulmate.”

2) My job. Again this consumes my life and nine times out 10 I get verbally abused at work. Sadly I live for this. My job makes me a huge underdog and I loooove proving idiots wrong who think a girl can’t know sports. 

 3) School. I am taking four major classes this semester and am geeking out harder than avid Gleeks. I will mostly probably talk about design. It is my favorite class by far and I get to design some pretty sweet stuff! Like my poster yesterday for the Association of Women in Communication. A rough draft can be viewed here. I am open to feedback. Poster3

4) My internship. The current love of my life. I have been interning with St. Joseph’s Children’s Hospital for the last year and a half. I love it so much I have started changing career paths for it. I have met a lot of really great people through it and I get to help make a difference in young children’s lives.

Last but not least 5) My sorority. I have been a member of Alpha Omicron Pi for four years now and will be going alum in just a few short months. AOII has made me who I am today and I would be lost without. To show my appreciation I’m sure it will make a few blog posts.

Well that’s all I can think to blog about for now! Until next time BlogWorld.

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Hello world!

Welcome to WordPress.com. This is your first post. Edit or delete it and start blogging!

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